Eva Broussard : Extraordinary mystery


Eva Broussard (1964- , Vivian, Louisiana).

Ancestors:  Henri Broussard (1753-1802 ); Jean-Claude Broussard (1773-1829 ); Henry2 Broussard (1795-1858 ); Michel Broussard (1818-1877 ); Coleman1 Broussard (1842-1910) + Ruby1 Robison (1843-1933); Lucas Broussard (1866-1936 ); Coleman2 Broussard (1897-1961); Luther Broussard (1924-2003).

Parents: Mike2 “Sarge” Broussard (1948-2014) + Annie McCaffery (1952- )

Children: Mike Tate (1982); Colt Broussard (1996)

Eva Broussard is an interesting character.  She grew up in Vivian, Louisiana the only daughter of Mike and Annie Broussard, both very average, normal folks.  Why Eva turned out to be so extraordinary is a mystery and something no one in the extended Broussard family could ever figure out.

Eva married Tully Tate, against her father’s wishes it might be said, but nevertheless, Tully was a good man.  Mike’s reluctance to bless the union was no doubt related to the fact that Tully’s father was a failed country singer.  In any event, Eva and Tully had a nice life, three children, but over time Eva became more and more erratic.  She would disappear from time to time, leaving the children unsupervised and forcing Tully to find her and bring her back.  Finally, he just lets her stay gone.

After leaving Tully and bouncing from place to place, she finds herself in Meridian, Mississippi (the Southern Hotel) where she gives birth to a strapping boy.  This is Colt Broussard, whose father she can’t or won’t name.

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