Highway 80 is a stretch of road that ran at one time from California all through Georgia and was once part of the early auto trail known as the Dixie Overland Highway.

However, the entire segment west of Dallas, Texas, has been decommissioned in favor of various interstate and state highways. Currently, the highway’s western terminus is on the Dallas–Mesquite, Texas city line. Highway 80’s last stop is Tybee Island, Georgia, just past Savannah.


My focus will be the stretch from Dallas to the other side of Macon, Georgia.  I will weave a fictional narrative revolving around nine families and many secondary characters going back to when they first came to America. More specifically, when and how they got to Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama or Georgia. In the process the vicissitudes of American history will be the context for the lives, the successes and losses, of the characters in these stories and songs.

Although the stories and songs are based on real events and typical experiences of the people who settled the southern United States, all the characters and stories are fictional.

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f. d. leone


5 thoughts on “Introduction”

  1. I’ve been presenting a program on the history of U.S. 80 for the past year. It has a fascinating place in Louisiana history.


  2. We lived in Jackson Mississippi when we got married and use to drive back to west monroe on the new part of I20. It stopped this side of Vicksburg and went back to hwy 80. We saw wreck after wreck. They named it the bloody bucket.


  3. The roots of Delta Airlines go back to a tiny airport on U.S. 80 in Tallulah, Louisiana. Many military bases, past and present, located on U.S. 80.


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