Song : “Catch”

Jake McLemore did not know that his son, Lee who had died in Iraq, had fathered a son in 1996 shortly before enlisting in the army. But in 2007 just after they learned that Lee had died, Jake’s grandson, Hank, showed up at with his mother. This song is sung by Hank when he is 22 just after Jake has passed away.


The month of April breaks my heart
There’s a good reason why it does
It’s the gravel crunch of Granddads car
And him telling me to get the gloves

As my mom got the table set
We’d go outside till it got too dark
But the thing that I remember best
Is walking in his shadow to the back yard

And we would play catch
In the soft glow of the sunset
And hardly say a word
The only sound you heard
Was the plop and the slap that’s catch

That was that until one year
The summer I turned thirteen
He’d come home but I’d disappear
It must’ve hurt him but he didn’t say a thing

I bet those gloves are still tied up
But the oil’s dry and the leather’s hard
Today I’d trade everything I’ve got
Just to see Granddad standing in the yard

And we would play catch …

© 2018 Frank David Leone, Jr./Electric Mule/Warner Music (BMI)

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