Song : “Sonny’s Boy”

Sonny Tate was a country singer who had moderate success. He was a staple of the Louisiana Hayride, but appeared every now and then on the Grand Ol’ Opry stage. His son, Tully, was often with Sonny when he performed.

Sonny’s Boy

You probably don’t remember a hillbilly singer
Name of Sonny Tate
You know he never had a big record
But came close in ’68

He sang until he died still on the Hayride
In his sequined suit and a cheap toupee
Singin’ hits of other singers who get younger and younger
And drinking up payday

But Sonny’s boy stands in the wings
And while Sonny sings
He softly sings along
Sonny’s boy in a ball cap and shorts
Rocking back and forth
He sang all of Sonny’s songs

Now Sonny may not seem someone to esteem
His life was disappointment and lies
But he was the boy’s dad,the only one he had
And ten feet tall in that boy’s eyes

It kept Sonny goin’ just knowin’
There was someone who looked up to him
When I’m back in town and the old crowd’s around
The talk always drifts back to them

But Sonny’s boy standin’ in the wings …

© 2018 Frank David Leone, Jr./Electric Mule/Warner Music (BMI)

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